Gives new meaning to “fireworks in bed”

Hot news folks! I just got this important press release and, well, I don’t know about you, but I need one for me AND the wife! Wonder if they make one for the baby’s crib too?


The Latest Tool In Home Security Helps Increase Safety
Bedside Gun Rack Keeps Weapon Within Reach

While some 100 million households in the United States own shotguns for self defense, research carried out by The Back-Up protection company has found that around 80% of gunholders would be unable to reach for their weapon in time to stave off an intruder.

“Keeping a gun under the bed or in the corner provides a false sense of protection,” said company president A. John Peters. “If a criminal enters the bedroom, the homeowner will never get to the gun in time.”

Hoping to bridge this gun-defense loophole, Peter’s company has launched a unique, patented gun rack that fits snugly onto the side of a bed and allows gun owners to reach for their weapons in a matter of seconds should they face an emergency.

The response has been tremendous, Peters said, and has been spurred on by heinous reports of violent break-ins such as the shooting of pro-footballer Sean Taylor at his home in November.

For people working in the law enforcement field, like security consultant Howard W. Pitts, the rack provides a much-needed solution to people worried about defending their homes.

“I have advised people over the years that a shotgun provides the most effective protection against home invasion. It is good to have a product of this type,” said Pitts.

According to the most up-to-date figures from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were over 1.7 million reported burglaries in 2006, the majority of these against private residences. States such as Arkansas, New Mexico and North Carolina have particularly high rates of burglary.

The Back-Up is made in America and the adjustable 2-foot by 2-foot rack assembles in minutes. The Back-Up is available online via

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