Tying the knot

Bryan and Sarah are getting married today, woot! Y’all may know Bryan from Volumen. He’s the bassist. He also played in Two Year Touqe with me for a couple of years. Now they live next door to us. They’re awesome neighbors.

Here they are at a cookout we co-hosted last autumn. I added a couple of minor details to the photo to give a better idea of Bryan’s personality.
Bling Bry and Say-Rah

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  • Luann

    Well, all I can say is–you never fail to make my day! All of your Entertainer columns were great! Damn near as good as bein’ there–which I can’t do! 1 ? re: the “slightly” re-touched photo–are your 2 neighbors still speakin’ to you? If you still dine together occasionally–maybe you’d better invest in a personal “food taster”! Just sayin’… M t… Luann

  • [...] had spent the previous night partying it up at the wedding of his friends (and mine), Bryan and Sarah. “I stayed way too late,” said [...]

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