Zowie, Howie!

Skylar Browning from the Missoula Independent just emailed me a link to this video of a performance by The Gentlemen, a Brit prog-rock band from back in the 70s. How does this relate to Missoula, you might wonder? Well, take a very close look at the lead singer. Recognize him? No? It’s our [...]

Thrum Thrum, Rum

The Hot Buttered Rum String Band returns to Missoula this week for the band’s first local show since co-headlining last September’s River City Roots Festival.

Falling somewhere on the musical spectrum between the Grateful Dead and the Yonder Mountain String Band, these five free-spirited folkies have managed to draw quite a [...]


Conner Country

Megan Conner’s press kit claims she’s been compared to “a countrified Pink with a little Bonnie Raitt.” While I can’t find those analogies made anywhere outside of Conner’s own PR materials, the comparisons nevertheless seem pretty apt judging from the handful of songs at her Myspace page.

Endowed with a powerful, smoky [...]

Passing the Peeber

Just got word that the winners of last week’s PBR Montana Band of the Year semi-final round were the Lazerwolfs and Black Velvet Elvis. Grats to both bands!

Note that there is no semi-final round this week due to a conflict in schedule with the Hot Buttered Rum show (Other Side, Feb. 21 [...]

The Cavaliers

In some of the recent Missoulian coverage of marimba player Bojan “Bo” Hoover, who soloed with the Missoula Symphony Orchestra this past weekend, I mentioned that he’s a member of the Cavaliers, a drum and bugle corps based in Illinois. I’ve found that most people around this part of the country don’t [...]

A few hiccups, but plenty of spirit

It began dark, primal, and aggressive, a churning river of sound that seemed to well up from the very bowels of the earth. It swept through exotic woods, where sultry dances and tribal rhythms echoed in the understory. It swirled and frothed through beautiful vales, glinting in the sun, before tumbling to [...]

Sobering fun on Youtube

Missoula musician Michael Purrington, known ’round these parts as leader of Michael and the Messengers, has posted a bunch of live videos on Youtube, featuring him and the band playing in Michael’s living room.

The sound quality isn’t anything to write home about — nor, for that matter, is the lighting — but [...]

A ribald olde tayle

What do you get when you cross Old English with New Media? You get this. Wow.

Sombodey hath byn reeding tew much Chaucer.

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Back in the dark theater behind 515 Restaurant, several racks of work-shirts hang in neat rows above a small stage. To the casual eye, the set-up may seem fashioned as a quickie changing-room for employees of the restaurant.

Casual eyes and quick assumptions, however, have no place here: Just ask Jake, who is [...]

Crank up the Volumen

I figger the broader world might like to know about this: the Volumen, one of Missoula’s longest-lived and most-beloved original rock bands, recently set up an online store where you can buy their songs for next to nothing. Here’s the note from Shane Hickey, the band’s singer/guitarist/songwriter:

So, long story short, in order [...]