Y txt & drive if u can use ur laptop nsted?

Oh my god. This might be the dumbest product idea I’ve ever seen.

Foster film fundraiser

Missoula documentary film company Porch Productions aims, through its work, to “give voice to the voiceless.” This coming week, the small company will turn to some of the boldest voices in Missoula to raise money for its next project. [Read More...]


Give Thanks, Rastamon

We all know the soundtrack to Christmas: “Jingle Bells” and “Batman Smells” and all that. Maybe the reason why Thanksgiving seems to get increasingly short shrift – buried by Christmas, as it were — is because it lacks a soundtrack. And if there’s any kind of music that befits turkeyday, it’d be reggae, with its peace-and-love, it’s-all-good vibe.

At least, that’s the best enticement I can think of to consider heading to the Top Hat next Tuesday, Nov. 24, where Jamaican reggae artist Warrior King will appear as part of his self-stated mission to “spread Jah truth throughout the land.” [Read More...]

Holy carp!

The dueling penguins

Now here’s an artistic collaboration/friendly competition I can appreciate….Drummond artist Bill Ohrmann and Kate Davis of Raptors of the Rockies recently spent time making a pair of larger-than-life steel penguins. Check out Kate’s blog to read about the process that brought these steel birds to life.

The Dueling Nutcrackers

The Moscow Ballet owns Nutcracker.com.

In this digital age, that’s as good an indication as any of the intertwined history between the Russian ballet company and Pyotr Tchaikowsky’s beloved ballet, “The Nutcracker.” Though the company performs a broader repertoire of classical ballet on a limited circuit of major cities during the rest of the year, its name is synonymous with the holiday classic in most other parts of the country.

But the reverse isn’t necessarily true, especially here in Missoula, where local dance company Garden City Ballet has been producing its own “Nutcracker” for a quarter century now. Over the course of several nights this December, Garden City Ballet will once again present its familiar production, stacked with a cast of young local dancers bolstered by two professional guests and a small cast of local celebrities (including Missoula Mayor John Engen).

First, though, this Saturday evening, Moscow Ballet will bring its lavish touring production to the University Theatre, where it will present a performance in which dancers from another Missoula ballet company, the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre, will play important roles. Indeed, Moscow Ballet’s production wouldn’t have come to Missoula without the participation of the local company.

The case of the dueling “Nutcrackers” is just the latest reflection of a long-standing fissure in the local ballet community.

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Bus to Butte for Gary Allan

For those interested in seeing Gary Allan in Butte — but uninterested in driving back in the middle of the night — I got word today that there’ll be a bus headed over there from Missoula for the Dec. 2 concert. Here’s the full press release…. [Read More...]

J.K. Simmons earns Cassavetes Award

University of Montana grad J.K. Simmons has been named the recipient of this year’s John Cassavetes Award, one of the more prestigious achievement awards in film acting (past recipients include Sean Penn and Nick Nolte). Simmons is best-known for his roles in “Juno” and the “Spiderman” series of films. In celebration, I thought [...]

Dollars for docfest

News came today that Missoula’s own Big Sky Documentary Film Festival received a $10,000 grant that’ll allow them to present a new festival “sidebar” focused on Native American films. Pretty cool. Here’s the full press release…

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Blood in the Palace

If grand gestures are the hallmark of great heavy metal, then 3 Inches of Blood must surely be the greatest metal band on earth. At least, that’s what the band’s agent wants you to believe: According to a press release I received, the band is “the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal….currently preparing for their massive headlining North American fall trek…their stunning new album, “Here Waits Thy Doom,” sets the new standard for new heavy metal.”

A new standard for new heavy metal – and the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal? Sounds like they’ve got it all covered. Of course, given that their “massive” tour will stop at the non-massive Palace Lounge in Missoula, maybe they’re just masters of straight-faced overstatement. [Read More...]