Catalyst’s First Friday openings in peril?

I received this note from Patricia Thornton, who curates the art exhibits at the Catalyst downtown. I’m passing it along because I think Patricia does such a fantastic job of bringing shows into that space, and I think First Friday is such a great monthly happening, that I’d hate to see the local tradition lose one of its downtown anchors.

Hello Everyone,

Last week i found out that this Friday may be the last First Friday opening at The Catalyst. The new owners want to keep the art rotating every month nix the opening receptions for the artists. I am trying to get them to honor the verbal agreements i’ve made w/ artists, before they took over. My hope is once they experience a few openings, they will see the value of this time honored event. Septembers artist is Marcy James. Is there anyone else out there that wants to celebrate Marcy’s show as much as I do?  If so, give the Catalyst a call or stop by and chat with the new owners. They’re names are Jim and Dennis. They are nice guys and their food is delicious.

Many thanks, Patricia Thornton

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