The strange sounds of Satan

We received a doozy of a “press release” today that I thought I would share, unedited, in its entirety (after all, according to the release, failing to do so would mean I’m perpetrating evil!). Maybe I was right about saxophones all along….

From: For Immediate Release
Date: January 18, 2012 1:14:26 PM MST
To: Sherry Devlin
Subject: Strange Sounds Being Heard Are Extremely Dangerous

Those who fail to report this story are no better than the ones who are perpetrating this evil.

It is imperative that people wake up to what the NWO is now up to.  The strange sounds that are being heard in many different parts of the world inclusive now of multiple locations in North America, are a full out Satanic assault of the most hideous kind.

These strange sounds are being utilized as a high tech form of mind control and mind manipulation upon the masses. The barrage of dis-harmonic sounds that were first utilized in Kiev back in September by the Russian Satanic Alliance, are now being used in many locations throughout North America. The interenet is also being used as a delivery mechanism as well. The purpose of these strange sounds are to cause people to become of a ‘hive mind’ through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers that are tied to base human emotions such as sex, fear and dread.

The opening of these lower and primary nerve centers also creates doorways for massive demonic infiltration and possession. Furthermore it also creates a loosing of the soul where the soul is attached at the level of the lowest neurological centers at the base of the spine.

With the soul at loose attachment they are also seeking to drive some souls from their bodies in order to create a dissociative state where people can be turned into armies of automatons. According to recent prophetic revelations by our Saviour this is going to work on many people who are devoid of the light of God. Those of course, who are already lost in the sins of the flesh.

DO NOT watch the videos of that are currently going viral. Listening to these strange sounds to hear what they are like WILL OPEN YOU TO IMMEDIATE DEMONIC POSSESSION! It happen to me yesterday and God had to remove three demons from me. Do not be curious about these sounds they will harm you. If you live where these sounds are being heard, get ear protection immediately and do not listen to these sounds, it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Please help to share these warnings!

You can read more about this evil assault by the Satanic/Reptillian New World Order at Prophecies Org, it can be found in Book 12 Chapter 81 which was posted in September by prophet Linda Newkirk.

Here is The Prophecy!

The Shaping of the Hive Mind!

Now, My Blessed Child, I know what you have in your heart and what you wish to know about. And, I shall now give you understanding about the loud and cacophonous sounds, which are being directed towards certain areas in the Russian governances.

My Blessed Child, who knows the mind of a bird, or why it chooses to fly in one direction, and not another?  And, who knows why some flocks of birds all fly in unison?

My Lord, you know.

Yes, My Little One, I know and relative to the latter, some speak of the “hive mind.”

Yes, My Lord, (they speak) of many, who operate as one.

Know, My Blessed Child, that this is the New World Order goal and the New World Order mindset. Understand?

Yes, my Lord.

Now, My Blessed Child, through their great assaults against their own people, many of whom are indeed godless, empty souls, the Russian/Satanic Alliance is intent upon creating one mind.

But, Father, how so?

My Blessed Child, through this barrage of disharmonic sounds, they are seeking to cause the people to emerge as one through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers, which tie them to base human emotions, like sex, fear and dread.

With the opening of the lower and primary nerve centers, they are also preparing for a greater demonic infiltration/possession and a loosing of the soul at the level of the attachment of the soul, at the level of the lowest neurological centers. (Note: at the base of the spine.)

With the soul at loose attachment, they will also seek to drive some souls from their bodies, or to create a dissociative state for the body (and soul), thereby creating armies of automatons. This is one great experiment, but still on a small scale and will most assuredly work, especially on many of those, who are already devoid of My light.

However, My Little One, for those, who love Me, this is a time of very terrible and very severe trials and few will overcome the great inner stresses, which are created by this great assault on the lower nerve centers, if they do not remain extremely close to Me at all times.

To overcome in the midst of such assaults against these nerve centers will truly require that one loves Me above all and truly loves others. For, through true love, one will overcome. See?

Yes, my Lord.

My Blessed Child, you know what you have suffered, as you are the earth mother of My very own Son of light and fire, the holy manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve; and you have suffered through great torture and persecution. Therefore, My Blessed Child, you know well the depravity of Satan and his many barbaric hoards and that you cannot fight these battles, but must surrender totally to Me, and die to self and to things of the world. You know that you must truly love Me and others and that you must truly forgive, each and every day, that you may be forgiven. My Little One, through your great suffering, you have learned much and I have supernaturally carried you through years of great terror, suffering, and heartache, but, My Blessed Child, the people sleep.  The spiritually blind and deaf not only do not see and hear, but refuse to see and hear.

The time of the great sorting is now.  This is the time that I warned of in previous times, that in the latter days, the times would be more severe that at any times since there was a nation.

The War of the Worlds

For, Satan and the wicked and rebellious ones, who fought against the light, have been thrown down.  They all know that their time is short and now you find yourselves in a war of the worlds.  For, they bring into your midst their terrible weapons and terrible technologies and you can in no way fight them. Therefore, all who, will not die to self and to things of this world, and who will not submit to Me in love and obedience, and with their whole hearts, will fall.  Many will now die in their sins. Many rebellious ones will rise and take up guns and die by the sword. Many will erroneously believe that they can rebel against the New World Order and its terrible weapons and live, but many, many will die.

I am sorting, busy sorting out souls!  And, into My palm go the pure of heart.  Though some (of these pure ones) will die a physical death, none of them will feel the sting of death. For, even though some of them will be martyred, indeed the appointed ones, all will leave with joy unparalleled in their hearts.

Send this out, that My people may read and understand.  But, the spiritually blind and deaf will not understand. They will not see and hear, though they read.

Oh, my Lord, I am so troubled about this “hive mind” and about those, who will fall victim to such great evils.  Oh, Father, have mercy on the lost.

Father, remember Your promises to me, that You would allow me to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. Oh, Father, this great evil (of the hive mind) is so terrible. Have mercy on the lost!

Yes, My Blessed Child, it is truly dreadful.  But, even so, it is written; and it shall come to pass. Yet, I shall also bring forth My Holy Sons and My kingdom shall  come forth in all of its glory.

The sorting of the souls is now. Hear Me in this, oh you rebellious house; for in My House, there will be no rebellion!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of September, 2011

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