An interview with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

It has been a dozen years now since a Helena-born Missoula musician named Colin Meloy abandoned this Island of Misfit Toys for the City of Roses. Little-known to the outside world before his departure despite some fine records by his alt-country band, Tarkio, Meloy has since emerged as a most unlikely star in the American rock scene: a bespectacled logophile who writes tunes that sound more like old British sea shanties than radio-ready pop songs, built around lyrics that often read like mystical fairy tales, sung in a faux-British accent and dressed up in a mismatched raiment of instruments – bouzoukis and electric guitars, dulcimers and drums.

At least, that was the narrative until early this year, when his band, the Decemberists, released “The King Is Dead,” its sixth studio album since the band was formed in Portland in 2002. [Read More...]