String Orchestra goes to battle this Sunday

One paints a battle of men that dragged on for thirty years; another depicts a battle within the body of a man. One reflects the troubled times in a country caught between Axis and Allies; another paints a nocturnal portrait of a military watch retiring from duty.

And all are a battle to bow for the String Orchestra of the Rockies, which presents a diverse and difficult program of battle-themed music at a concert this Sunday, Feb. 13. [Read More...]

New orchestra music sweeps America – but not Montana

I received a press release today stating that in the 2009-2010 season, 90 American orchestras will present 179 world premieres of new music.

The list of orchestras presenting those new works range from youth orchestras, to tiny community orchestras, to the most respected professional ensembles in the country.

Missing from the list: Any orchestra in the state of Montana. This seems a rotten shame to me, particularly considering the wealth of talented composers living in Montana… [Read More...]