Mudslide Charley releases new CD at Old Post

Guitarist Marco Littig has never hidden his passion for old-school blues. Despite coming of age in the 1980s heyday of nu-blues rockers like Stevie Ray Vaughn and smooth-ride populists like Robert Cray, Littig’s model music came from a more antiquated era, when guys like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker first fused the rough-and-rural vibe of southern acoustic blues with modern electric instruments.

So it comes as no real shock when the newest CD by Littig’s band, Mudslide Charley, kicks off with a rumbling, four-on-the-floor romp punctuated by vocals that sound like they were recorded through a megaphone with a weak battery. Though the tune is titled “Black Haired Angel,” they could have called it “Back Here Danger” and no listener would have raised an eyebrow: Buried within a growlingly distorted mix and wailing refrain, the lyrics themselves seem secondary to the effect – a dark smear of redaction across a crumpled-up love letter. [Read More...]